Equipment Details

Equipment Package Details

Package 1

If you are having a party and want LOUD music then this is the package for you.


  • 2 x Active speakers (15" bass speakers)
  • 2 x Speaker stands
  • 2 x Speaker power cables
  • 1 x Speaker conection cable
  • 1 x Audio connection cable
  • 2 x 10Mtr. Power extension reels

Package 2

Example uses for this package would be: background music at a function, talking to a large group of people, children's party or a singer songwriter performance. It is not recommended for a party in a large venue.


  • 2 x Speakers (8" bass speakers)
  • 1 x Amp tower
  • 2 x Speaker connection cables
  • 1 x Audio connection cable
  • 1 x Power cable
  • 1 x 10Mtr. Power extension reel

Package 3

This speaker has an internal battery and can run for up to 6 hours.
If you are in a location that does not have mains power then this could be ideal for you'


  • 1 x Battery powered active speaker (15" bass speaker)
  • 1 x Speaker stand
  • 1 x Speaker power cable
  • 1 x Audio connection cable
  • 1 x 10Mtr. Power extension reel
  • 1 x Wireless microphones

Package 4

This light package is very simple to setup and can provide an awesome light show. 


  • 1 x Light Stand
  • 4 x Disco Lights
  • 1 x Power extension cable

Package 5

The wireless mic package is compatible with packages 1 or 2. 


  • 2 x Wireless Microphones
  • 1 x Receiver Unit

Package 6

Add a little smoke to make a light show even more spectacular. 
Before hiring, please ensure there are no smoke alarms in the venue as this will set them off.


  • 1 x Smoke Machine
  • 1 x Tank of fluid

Package Prices

We do not charge per day. Instead we charge for a 'hire period' (maximum of 5 days).
We feel this offers you more flexibility as you do not have to rush to collect and return the equipment.
An example:
You want to hire Package 1 for Saturday night. Therefore you could collect on Thursday evening. Use the equipment on Saturday, then return the equipment back to us on Monday evening. The total cost would be £70.